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Our new location will be in the University Medical Center Ambulatory Care Building at 2000 Canal Street.

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The HIV Outpatient Program (HOP) Specialty Dental Clinic provides dental care to patients infected with HIV/AIDS. Staffed by LSUHSC School of Dentistry (LSUSD) and a component of the Interim LSU Hospital, the clinic is one of the few in the nation that is located in a primary-care medical facility. This comprehensive model allows for the provision of dental care as a fully integrated component of total outpatient health care for the HIV/AIDS patient. The HOP Specialty Dental Clinic, staffed with specialized practitioners which employ the most up-to-date equipment, allows HIV/AIDS patients to get early and comprehensive intervention.

HIV/AIDS patients are more susceptible to severe oral lesions, decay, and aggressive dental diseases affecting the gums. These type of lesions can be difficult to diagnose and frequently requires a specialized dental professional to identify and address the problem quickly before it becomes too serious. Often, the oral lesions can become so severe that patients are unable to eat causing further deterioration to their fragile health. Some cases become critical as the lesions and resultant lack of proper nutrition can lead to death. The interrelationship of oral health and the overall physiological health of the entire person cannot be overemphasized -- 100% of all antiviral medications are given in relation to food intake. Oral pain discourages patients from eating thus potentially interfering with strict medication regimens. Click on hivdent.org and American Dental Association to learn about the oral manifestations of HIV disease, infection control, post-exposure protocols, nutrition, pediatric/adolescent care, and medications.

The dental clinic provides comprehensive restorative and preventive oral health care.


To make an appointment or refer a patient/client, call us at 504-826-2179. Please send referrals to our fax number, (504) 826-2085.

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MONDAY through FRIDAY: 8:00am-4:30pm

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Phone (504) 826-2179
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Fax: (504) 826-2085

2235 Poydras Street
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